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4/28  Mineral Springs Brewery
4/30  Soubas Greenhouse Season Grand Opening


5/11  Three Oak Vineyards and Winery  4-8p
5/19  Mineral Springs Brewery  4-8p
5/20  Half Pint Brewing Company  4-8p
5/20  Pizza Farm Closed to the Public
 Three Oak Vineyards and Winery  4-8p
5/27  Vintage Escapes Winery and Vineyard  1-6p


6/3  Mineral Springs Brewery  4-8p
6/8  Three Oak Vineyards and Winery  
6/23  Music on the Prairie
6/23  Mousse Sparkling Wine Co.  
6/24 FarmAmerica Acres of Pizza 11-2p and Mineral Springs Brewery Food Truck Fair 1-8p
6/29  10,000 Drops Craft Distillers  4-8p
6/30  Mineral Springs Brewery  Finally Friday 4-8p


9/9  Music on the Prairie
9/10  Sasse Lake Farms 3-7p
9/16  Javens Family Vineyard & Winery  4-7p
9/21  Mineral Springs Brewery  October Fest 4-8p
9/28  Sod House Theatre Company